Men’s Health in March

The cover story of the March issue of Men’s Health magazine looks at how pain accompanies us from the moment of our birth until our very last breath. In this issue, readers will learn why a cold press should not be used to treat an injury, how to eliminate migraines, and all about painkillers.

Also in this issue:

Incorporating oats into a tasty breakfast with granola;
A simple technique to prevent neck and shoulder pain from sitting for hours in front of the computer;
Add variety to your workout with elements of break dancing;
A detailed answer to the question: Why is it so hard to be good?
Everything you need to know to speak knowledgeably about the North Pole;
A selection of seven must-try dishes and foods;
A short-term plan for recreational sex;
A detailed action plan in case you humiliate yourself at work and think you might get fired;
A report from a dump truck cab;
The second part of a 12-month program for gaining muscle mass: building the latissimus dorsi muscle and hamstring.

This month’s cover features Charlie Hunnam from television series “Sons of Anarchy.”

The March issue went on sale February 17.

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