National Geographic Updates Website

National Geographic Russia and National Geographic Traveler magazines launched an updated version of their website,, on April 13. The new site is now more interesting, informative and user-friendly. Both the design and the interface have been updated so it is even easier for users to post their work and comments and to access new material as they appear.

The updated site is more visually striking, with photos on the landing page and other sections now larger and more dramatic than ever. Now users need only click on an image to go to the desired link.

The navigation on the new site is also improved. When readers reach the end of an article, links to related stories automatically pop up on the screen, making it easier to navigate and saving valuable time.

The photo services section is now much easier to use as well. For example, users no longer have to go through an additional registration process to gain photographer status on the site. The photo service and photo competition functions are now combined so that users can upload their pictures to the photo service and immediately submit them to competitions.

“When developing the new version of the site we focused on improving the display of the photos, making them much larger. After all, many of the images are real masterpieces,” National Geographic magazines publisher Irina Kovalevich said. “In addition, the site has become much more informative and user-friendly, and the functionality has increased. Now users can learn about the latest news on discoveries in science, take special quizzes to test their knowledge and read even more fascinating reports on nature as well as stories and reports from around the globe. We are certain this will encourage readers to spend even more time on the site immersing themselves in the fascinating world of National Geographic.”

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