Men's Health in September

The September issue of Men's Health contains almost 200 pages on everything a modern man needs to know. The cover story is about two-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, who also explains why everyone should keep up with the latest auto racing news. “The Best" reveals the secret to why men love car racing and facts, figures and anecdotes from the Formula 1 world.

"Gadget Guide" is all about the newest gadgets, including what Eugene Khavtan uses to listen to music, what smart watches are worn by true triathletes, and which screens "Kvartet I" is on board with. The "Personal Trainer" section includes the first part of the fifth phase of the annual training program for building muscles, and experiments with all the training parameters.

In addition, the issue includes:

A manual for organizing a business dinner
Five simple tips for notable men
When you should give flowers to girls, and which ones to get
A thoughtful article about fertility
Whether it makes sense to exceed the speed limit when driving
Three wonderful recipes to make the vegetable soup gazpacho
"The 11 Rules of Winners" by top business coach Dan Wildshmidt
The story of Fedor Chudinov, the super middleweight world boxing champion preparing to defend his title
How to prepare fresh marinated snacks using abundant summer vegetables
The Amazon jungle, in the section "There's a Place"
The most reliable (and the most masculine) strategy for guys who get rejected
What you need to make your heart beat longer
A guide to the pork, beef and lamb: what cuts are the most useful
An honest investigation by Arina Vintovkina, the magazine’s sex columnist, into sex toys for women
18 ways to be happier
An attempt to understand the new craze of relaxing using extreme entertainment

The September issue of Men's Health is out on August 18th.

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