Men’s Health in December

The December issue of Men’s Health is out now with a cover featuring the winner of the fourth MH Hero contest, Vyacheslav Shuyakov. Three contest finalists also share their inspiring stories inside the magazine. Also in the latest issue:

A formula determining how much alcohol to buy for an enjoyable New Year’s party;
A first-hand account of falling from a height of 10 meters;
Important dates you should never forget in your relationship with your lady;
An excellent bean soup recipe for the microwave;
A recipe for authentic New Year’s punch;
An unexpected way to use tennis balls for boxing training;
What to do if your kids really like swearing;
Ice sailing in fascinating detail;
How to organize a threesome;
11 ways to use canned tuna in a delicious meal;
In the column “There is a place,” read about the abandoned city-island of Hashima;
Quiz: “Can you use your brain?”
Techniques for using the grill in your oven;
A report on men who make money using their genitals;
Special section: “Gifts 2016.”

Readers will also find a bonus inside: a detailed answer, replete with full-color illustrations, to why sometimes even smart people die in stupid ways. In another bonus section, find 25 rules that make a real man. Also, the Personal Trainer column has the final installment in the year-long program for building muscle mass.

The issue went on sale November 17.

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