National Geographic Russia Opens Sixth Annual Photo Contest

National Geographic Russia magazine has begun accepting submissions for its sixth national photo competition – Wildlife of Russia 2016. Photos will be accepted through September 30.

If you love Russia’s amazing nature, are at least 18 years of age and a Russian citizen, submit your photographs to the contest to have a chance at winning great prizes. Minors are also welcome to compete in the Young Talent category.

Lush forests and sandy deserts, boundless steppes and mountain ranges, mighty rivers and bottomless lakes, unique flora and fauna – this is an opportunity to show Russia’s wildlife in all its beauty and diversity.

The main categories in the competition are Mammals, Birds, Landscapes, Macro, Plants, From Dusk Till Dawn, Nature in Black & White, Underwater, Russian Nature Reserves, Mothers & Their Young, Photo Essay, Mobile Photos (for photos that participants post on their personal pages on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #DPR2016).

As general partner, BinBank is also sponsoring the special Life Energy category, devoted to the spirit and desire to withstand any and all hardships – the unbending will of nature.

The grand prize this year is 300,000 rubles. Winners and finalists in this year’s special category will receive prizes from BinBank.

National Geographic Russia awaits your photos and wishes you good luck!

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