National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016

Voting for the 2016 National Geographic Traveler Awards, which single out the year’s best travel destinations has begun on the website. Supporting the competition this year is project partner Expo 2017.

Online voting will continue through November 6, 2016 for the best travel destination in each of the following 23 categories: Beach Vacation, Family Vacation, Ski Vacation, Vacation with Excursions, Agricultural Tourism, Tourism for Health, Ecotourism, Adventure Vacation, Discovery of the Year, Best Culinary Tour, Exotic Vacation, Ecological Vacation in Russia, Vacation in Russia with Excursions, Adventure Vacation in Russia, Best International Airline, Best Russian Airline, Best Airport, Best Internet Service, Best Hotel Chain, Best Beach Hotel, Best Cruise and Best Travel Program on Television.

The magazine also invites readers to contribute to a special category, Kazakhstan – Time of Discovery. To participate, entrants should describe the country’s most interesting and little-known sights and include an itinerary and travel tips. The winner will receive a trip to the Expo 2017 international exhibition to be held next year in Astana from June 10 to September 10.

Each year, the National Geographic Traveler Awards highlight not only the most well-known vacation destinations, but also opens up new horizons for exciting travel. It inspires both novices and seasoned travelers to explore and experience places they had never considered before.

Find out the results of the voting on the magazine’s website, or in the November 2016 – January 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveler.

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