Popular Mechanics in June

Popular Mechanics releases its 200th issue in June. The cover story — “2 x 100": one hundred years of great discoveries and inventions behind us and one hundred years of progress ahead. Editors looked back to see what inventors and scientists had done in the past century and gazed into the future.

Read in this issue:

  • The long-awaited development from Rosatom: the safest nuclear fuel.
  • From sarin to “Novichok": the search for antidotes to military-grade toxic substances.
  • The RD-171MV: a rocket engine for future Russian super heavy-lift launch vehicles.
  • The truth about “climate weapon" myths: why we need the Sura heating complex, the only installation in the temperate zone for the study of rarefied plasma in the upper atmosphere.
  • The Sukhoi design bureau turns 80. Looking back at the history of the construction of Su fighter jets.

The issue went on sale May 21.

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