Popular Mechanics in September: Report from Kurchatov Institute

In the September issue of Popular Mechanics, read a report from the Kurchatov Institute — the magazine’s correspondent managed to get a look at the new tokamak.

Also in this issue of PM:

  • An exclusive interview with the Russian scientist who wants to create genetically modified babies.
  • Robot guards for export.
  • The cryptocurrencies of Facebook and Telegram.
  • A survey of predictions for the future of the auto industry. 
  • The anatomy of the Bugatti supercar from Lego blocks. 
  • Automobile test drives, hacking into your car’s onboard computer, and unexpected detail of the GM-94 multi-charge grenade launcher. 

The issue went on sale August 20.

Директор по маркетингу «Популярной механики»
Мария Бельмесова / m.belmesova@imedia.ru

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