Esquire Flat Party: Two and a half hours in the company of the magazine’s readers

Esquire held an informal meeting with readers in the form of a flat party in the Respublika store on Vozdvizhenka Street in Moscow on December 19. The first such meeting was held one year ago.

More than 200 readers attended the almost two-and-a-half-hour gathering. The number of spaces was limited, and all were booked only one hour after registration opened. Editors spoke primarily about how they produce the magazine and shared several secrets of their craft. Creative Producer Dmitry Boldin shared his impressions of the year’s most challenging photo shoot and Fashion Section Director Alla Alekseevskaya talked about the most “problematic" character.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sergey Zuev explained how the best covers of the year were made — those for the literary issue, the May issue with Joseph Brodsky and the October issue with Joaquin Phoenix. site Editor-in-Chief Anastasia Poletaeva spoke about the Headliner project, how they filmed a video in the metro and how they worked with rappers.

Next, Esquire Editor-in-Chief Sergey Minaev answered questions from the audience. Editors then asked those present about their interests and their opinion of the materials in the publication. Readers responded by requesting that greater attention be given to the regions, noted that women appeared too infrequently on the cover and asked how the Rules of Life section was created.

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