Cosmopolitan and the Friends Foundation: The Number of Philanthropists just Grew

On July 3, the Moscow Richter Hotel hosted the graduation party of the Friends Foundation’s Moscow School of Professional Philanthropy (MSPP), with Cosmopolitan acting as media partner. 

Organized by the Friends Foundation, The Moscow School of Professional Philanthropy is a licensed educational program in the field of charity. The School’s main program is a management course for leaders of non-profit organizations, social projects and anyone who has decided to switch to charity work from business or government organizations. Charitable work and protecting women’s rights and freedoms are part of Cosmopolitan’s DNA and the brand traditionally gives the themes wide coverage on its platforms. The activities of the Friends Foundation are in tune with the Cosmopolitan philosophy – hence, their long-term cooperation. 

Cosmopolitan and the Friends Foundation support MSPP students and graduates by publicizing their projects and socially significant topics in the magazine’s monthly column, From the Heart. Cosmo has already published pieces on domestic violence, mental disorders, inclusiveness, strokes and HIV that talk openly about the problems, how to help overcome them and where to turn for help. 

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