Good Housekeeping Festival in the Central House of Arts

The last weekend of September was dedicated to Good Housekeeping. The festival organized by this magazine was held in the Central House of Artists. All the components of good housekeeping were mixed into an unforgettable and useful cocktail of versatile information.

Approximately 13 000 visitors came to the festival on September 28-30. Visitors to the Central House of Arts immediately noticed the welcoming, domestic atmosphere created by the festival's organizers. Music and fashion shows, dancing master classes and light step lessons were held on the ground floor. Every morning started with exercises by the channel Telenurse. The visitors could take part in master classes on cooking, have a snack in Grabli cafe, get advice on their family budgets from Russian Standard Bank's experts and visit IKEA interior design master classes.

Visitors could also meet with interesting people, ask questions, share their problems and receive useful information. The list of special guests included Andrey Kurpatov, Denis Semenikhin, Victor Loginov, Natalia Bochkareva, Maria Arbatova, Alexander Semenov, Elena Malysheva, Aurora, Zhanna Epple, Oxana Fedorova and many others.

The festival's smallest visitors were not forgotten, either. There was a children's room created by Telenurse channel, a movie theatre with cartoons provided by Rolsen, various games, toys, karaoke, master classes, a Winnie the Pooh house built by Disney and many other entertainments.

Some non-commercial projects with showbiz stars, TV presenters and designers were also part of the festival. The project "Negligent Relations" proved that any woman could look smart in a dressing gown. And the best restaurants of Moscow created magnificent chocolate and cream cakes following the sketches of the celebrity guests. These sweet masterpieces were presented at the opening of the festival.

Good Housekeeping would like to thank everyone who attended the festival. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
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