Sporty Cosmo Shopping

April 20 saw the start of an advertising campaign in support of the May issue of Cosmopolitan Shopping. The magazine used a form of advertising that it had not used in the past - Fly Cards.

The issue is dedicated to sporty fashion. The sporty look has never been as popular as today. "Sport is beautiful," say designers, "Sport is fashionable," says the entire sports industry. And Cosmopolitan Shopping is convinced that the best sport of all is shopping!

All of these trends were considered during the development of the Fly Cards, and that's where the slogan "Sports Shopping" originated. This was followed by the image of a young lady lifting a barbell with shopping bags instead of weights fastened to the ends.

Readers were thrilled to learn that the cards could be exchanged for a stylish summer bag with the Cosmopolitan Shopping logo by calling the listed phone number and repeating your mailing address.

The advertising campaign put an accent on reaching an audience of sophisticated and fashionable young women. The Fly Cards program included the best cafes, clubs, restaurants and movie theaters in Moscow.

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