Domashny Ochag took part in a culinary tournament

The Domashny Ochag magazine staff took part in a culinary tournament for media workers at the 3rd Food Show Festival. Tournament organizers gave each of five teams an identical selection of ingredients and gave them 30 minutes to prepare three dishes: an appetizer, a salad and a cocktail.

The Domashny Ochag team surpassed the goal by making four dishes:

Appetizer: “Rybka i ryumka” (“Fish and a wineglass”)
Salad: “Trava po poyas” (“Grass up to the waist”)
Desert: “Syr i grushka” (“Cheese and pear”)
Cocktail: “Schastye pit!” (“Happiness to drink!”)

A professional jury of eminent chefs judged the culinary marvels. The Domashny Ochag team rose to the occasion and walked away with a prize for the most original dish.

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