Cosmopolitan Shopping Celebrates Sixth Birthday

Cosmopolitan Shopping celebrates its sixth birthday in October, and in honor of the event, the magazine will give away more than 600 gifts to its readers. They will also receive a unique opportunity to learn what Renata Litvinova – the guest editor for this issue – really thinks about fashion, style and shopping.

Litvinova not only signed her name to the billboards advertizing the magazine in the Moscow city center, but she also truly got involved in the working process. The material she authored especially for the magazine begins with these words: “You must know how to forgive and to let go of everything extra while somehow holding onto what is necessary. That applies to everything – stuff, jewelry, unwanted phone calls, dating and relationships, unnecessary meetings that take up your time and the typical daily routine.” This article covers more than just fashion. It is a reflection on life in Renata Litvinova’s ever-familiar style.

And so that the issue does not go unnoticed, this month’s cover is literally “overflowing” with gifts. It is impossible to pass by without it catching your eye!

The October issue goes on sale September 21.

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