Master Class by Rosa Syabitova at Domashny Ochag Institute

The Domashny Ochag Institute held a master class titled “How to Find the Man of Your Dreams and Be Happy With Him.” The seminar was conducted by Rosa Syabitova, renowned matchmaker and co-host of the television program “Let’s Get Married” on Channel One.

Each participant of the seminar learned how and where to find the man of her dreams, which type of man she finds attractive, if she is able to learn from her mistakes, what prevents her from building an ideal relationship, what she needs to love and be loved, how to choose the man best suited to her and the right way to get to know him.

Rosa Syabitova explained how to understand which reasons stop women from searching for a worthy companion in life and how to act so that desires are fulfilled and dreams come true, and how to use that guidance to easily build a satisfying relationship. The master class also analyzed fears and scenarios of behaviors that interfere with building relationships and barriers that prevent women from loving men as well as methods for overcoming them.

The master class was designed not only for single young women and ladies, but also for those who already have a permanent partner. All the participants were satisfied with the seminar and left planning to put their new knowledge into action.

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