Cosmopolitan Shopping Supports Young Designers

Cosmopolitan Shopping Editor-in-Chief Anastasia Pyatina held a roundtable discussion with participants from the young lingerie designer competition that was organized in cooperation with the brand Triumph. The contest aims to support student designers and give them a ticket to their future profession: The winner receives 15,000 euros and the chance to transform their ideas into commercial products.

The contest’s participants had a difficult task: They had to develop their designs and give a striking display of their work on the catwalk while following strict requirements. “I was hugely impressed by this meeting,” said Pyatina. “So many ideas, so much inspiration and, most importantly, meticulous hand labor. Of course, I have my favorites, but it is too early to reveal those secrets. That will have to wait for the Russian finals,” she said.

News of the competition is available at and

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