Cooking is Easy! with Domashny Ochag Magazine

The first "Cooking Is Easy!" family cooking festival organized by Domashny Ochag magazine has ended. Approximately 15,000 people attended the event.

Participants prepared food from morning until evening on June 4 and 5 at the beautiful Trubetsky Manor in Khamovniky Park. Everyone got involved — adults, children, professional chefs and guests. But most importantly, they were cooking in every possible location — in three Domashny Ochag Institute kitchens, at booths organized by participating organizations, in a cozy cafe and even in the children’s section. And it was possible to sample everything that was made, right on the spot.

Whirlpool served as general sponsor to the festival. The company turned 100 this year, and to celebrate that fact, it presented the "Whirlpool at 100" photo exhibit featuring images of Whirlpool from its first beginnings to the current day.

The Castorama chain of hypermarkets acted as festival partner and created a very cozy setting for participants with tented pavilions, deck chairs, hammocks, kitchens and much more — all to make participants feel comfortable. First Popular Radio added music to put everyone in a festive mood.

Festival guests found the extremely packed and delicious program to be the biggest surprise. They could choose between more than 100 cooking workshops held in three different Domashny Ochag Institute kitchens equipped with Whirlpool home appliances: workshops by professional chefs, workshops for children, contests and workshops for guests, tasting products presented by food manufacturers, high-quality food products, new household appliances and kitchen items from festival business partners and novel ideas for serving dishes and decorating the table.

The Theater of Flavor, a regular partner to Domashny Ochag magazine, added their own “bean-ificent” character to the event. The actors treated guests to their Nincompoop’s Cafe, an interactive experience with the audience that included theatrical and circus-style improvisations, loads of positive emotions, philosophical musings and lots of general goodwill. According to Theater of Flavor main ideologue Yury Makeyev, “When beans fall on you, you’ll be happy.” For two days, their beans fell on everyone.

As always, the children enjoyed an extensive program, and not just culinary delights: workshops in sand painting, board games and active games, weaving garlands, flying kites, drawing on digital tablets, sports, relay races, fighting pirates, painting ceramics, lying around in the grass and much more.

And, of course, as the organizers promised, cherry pastries, daisies and many other reasons to return home in a good mood.

The most active business participants in the festival were Zelmer, Vileda, Bongren cheeses, Golden Cockerel, Ayu — The Spirit of the Forest, the Telecafe channel, White Dacha, the Interior Shop, Mistral, KitchenAid, America Rus, Ambi Pur, Total City Food, Chocolate Show, Dymov Ceramics,, Russian Tea Company, Melompo, Flower Territory, Kruzhovnik, Bona, Weber, Marshmallow, Rocky Mountain, Post-It, Scotch-Brite, De Cecco, Blue Dragon, While Clouds, Husse, Foresta, the Theater of Flavor, the Anderson Cafe, Fiesta, Victoria’s Secret, Rosveter, the Mother and Child TV channel, Sand Pro, Hasbro, Wimm-Bill-Dann/Zdraivery, Alpina Business Books, Mulino Bianco and 7 Colors. Thank you all!

A photo report on the "Cooking is Easy!" festival is available for viewing at and will appear in the September issue of Domashny Ochag magazine.

The magazine looks forward to receiving guests again at next year’s event. For now, here’s hoping that life will be as smooth and delicious as icing on a cake.

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