The Best Soups and Sauces in Domashny Ochag Cookbook

"Soups and Sauces," the latest cookbook in the "Cooking Is Easy!" series from Domashny Ochag, has been released. Readers will glean loads of useful information from the book: how to prepare vegetables for use in soups, how to use greens and the correct way to cook bullion, cream soup, cold soup, filling soups, bean soups and even soups for desserts.

The cookbook contains a wide variety of recipes for vegetable, fish and meat-based soups, as well as vegetarian and Mexican-style soups. A special section is devoted to sauces: red sauce, mushroom, Dutch and cranberry sauces, Mornay sauce and tzatziki.

Surprise your loved ones by preparing light and delicious dishes from the new cookbook!

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