Cosmopolitan Shopping Offers Discounts at Top Shops

The November issue of Cosmopolitan Shopping examines ways to make your wardrobe fashionable: how to assemble the right basic wardrobe and then add appropriate accents. Readers will also receive a pleasant surprise — a discount card for great stores.

National chains are taking part in the promotion. All products discounted for the campaign are marked with special signs displaying the Cosmopolitan Shopping magazine logo. A list of participating stores and discounted items appears in the magazine and on the website The discount card is effective from Oct. 20 to Nov. 20, this year.

The November issue of Cosmopolitan Shopping is supported by ads on the Energy and Pervoye Populyarnoye radio stations and banners on the Top Model Russian-Style website, and portals. An announcement about the release of the latest issue and information about the discount card were also sent to all users on the Cosmo social networking group.

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