Domashny Ochag Partners Google Contest

Domashny Ochag magazine to serve as media partner in Doodle4Google contest.

The contest is open to schoolchildren aged 6 to 17. The rules are simple: Young artists from all over Russia are invited to draw a doodle, a festive company logo that also conveys information about their home town or Russia as a whole. The finished artwork can be photographed or scanned and sent, along with a completed application form signed by at least one parent, to e-mail address by Oct. 31, or sent by regular post to “Google, 7 Ulitsa Balchug, Moscow, Russia, 115035,” postmarked no later than Oct. 20. Entrants can also submit their work by dropping it into a special Doodle4Google box in any participating Coffee House restaurant, Respublika or Seasons Festival store. Each student can submit only one drawing, and must be sure to include his or her full name, age, city and school number on the artwork.

The drawings will be judged in three age groups: 6 to 9 years old, 10 to 13, and 14 to 17. Google staff will select up to 100 drawings in each age group, and issue a certificate of participation to the author of each. The jury will then select the 10 best drawings from each age group. Jury members include popular singer Maxim, television host and public figure Tina Kandelaki, television host and actress Yulia Vysotskaya, famed illustrator Viktor Melamed, Seasons art director Yevgeny Chulyuskin, Domashny Ochag publisher and editor-in-chief Maria Vinogradova and Google staff artists. The young artists will be brought in to attend the awards ceremony in Moscow. They will receive fun gadgets as prizes and their work will be displayed on the Google contest page. One winner in each category will be chosen by a popular vote among Google users. Each will receive a prize of a new laptop computer.

And last, Google staff artists will select a single national contest winner. That person’s name will be announced during an awards ceremony to be held at the Central House of Artists in Moscow in early December. On Dec. 10, the winning doodle will be posted on the Google home page for all of Russia to see. What’s more, the winner will travel with his or her parents to Google headquarters in the United States to meet with the professional artists that draw doodles for Google. The winning artist’s school also has a pleasant surprise in store: Google will set up a modern computer classroom for the students at no cost.

Domashny Ochag magazine will also present an award for the “Homiest Doodle,” with the winner receiving a special prize: a trip to the Drakino resort in the Moscow region. Domashny Ochag will host an eponymous festival in early December where it will have the best contest submissions on display.

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