Cosmopolitan Shopping Discount Night – Disco Style

The fifth giant Cosmopolitan Shopping Discount Night was held “disco-style” at the Yevropeisky mall during the night of Oct. 12 to 13.

Visitors were treated to an entertaining program and a fashion show by Meucci, Incanto, Monsoon and Accessorize, American Eagle Outfitters and other brands. In addition to enjoying the show, guests enjoyed discounts of 30 percent or more at 300 stores throughout the mall.

A style zone staffed by Cosmopolitan Shopping stylists was set up in the Yevropeisky atrium, where all comers could get advice from the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Alisa Radlova. A huge pink Cosmopolitan Shopping bag was constructed especially for the event and served as an eye-catching backdrop for photos ops.

Love Radio DJs Olga Mazhara and Ruslan Polyansky hosted the night of discounts and conducted a series of fun contests for guests until the early morning. The most active shoppers were treated to complimentary gifts and drawings with prizes. The grand prize of the night — shopping with celebrities and a photo session for Cosmopolitan Shopping magazine — went to Yekaterina Orlova.

A number of stars of Russian show business were on hand as celebrity consultants, including Irina Ortman, DJ Leonid Rudenko, Yelena Kuletskaya, Kornelio Mango, Oxana Kazakova (Assorti), Artem Korolev (MTV), U TV host Olga Danko, Oxana Ustinova, Rita Che and Azia and many others. Musicians and dancers who added to the festive mood included Kornelia Mango, Irina Ortman, Alexander Kireyev, Svetlana Svetikova, Alex Malinovsky, Ilya Zudin and the group DASviDOS. Spectators could watch the action from every floor of the mall.

Per tradition, Discount Night was made accessible online with the help of Everyone unable to personally visit the Yevropeisky mall could enjoy huge discounts on 350 brands of shoes and accessories, making purchases from the comfort of their own homes.

Videos of the event will air on the U TV “Stylistics” program and the “MTV News” segment, and are also posted on the and websites.

Photographers: Andrei Kochetkov, Yegor Nikolayev and Marianna Chen.

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