Domashny Ochag in October

The October issue of Domashny Ochag magazine features Fabrika Zvyozd (Star Factory) contestant and singer Natalia Podolskaya. She gives a heartwarming interview on the secrets of a happy marriage, her love for her husband Vladimir Presnyakov, her close connection with her sister, her mother’s unconditional love, childhood memories, her desire to host a big family reunion, fame and her desire to “hide" from it at times and much more.

The magazine’s experts also share 25 tips to for a truly close and warm relationship with one’s child and also explain which fears men conceal and how to help them to overcome them. Cooking column editors explain how to choose the right pumpkin, create simple meals with tomatoes and share the secrets of Georgia’s incredibly expressive and festive cuisine.

In the Fashion and Beauty section readers will find the season’s latest trends, learn how to wear knitted jackets and what to combine them with, and discover interesting methods and products for keeping skin youthful.

Also in this issue:

Events & people: Premieres, October events calendar and Anton Makarsky gives a man’s view of what women should know about men;
Fashion & beauty: Major changes ¬– you can start a new life by letting a stylist help you choose a new hairdo and wardrobe;
Family & relationships: How to help your son or daughter figure out their interests and abilities and choose a profession;
Home & interior: Keeping pets at home – how to get rid of fur, dirt and unpleasant odors;
Health & fitness: Once you start a diet, create a detailed plan of action if you want to lose weight and keep it off;
Recipes & cooking: Fall – a good time for culinary experimentation;
Travel: Slovenia – the Terme Olimia hot springs resort and the charming capital city of Ljubljana.

The October issue of Domashny Ochag is advertised in promotional spreads in the magazines Schastlivye Roditeli (Joyful Parents), Psychologies, KhlevSol (Bread & Salt) and Gastronom (Deli), on the websites,,,, with television commercials on the channels TLC, Animal Planet, Khukhnia TV (Kitchen TV), Telecafe, Eda (Food), Mat i ditya (Mother and Child), Doveriye (Trust) and on the radio stations Radio 7, Romantika, Dacha and Best FM.

The October issue went on sale September 16.

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