Domashny Ochag in November

Russian singer and songwriter Eva Polna graces the cover of the November issue of Domashny Ochag magazine. In an interview, she speaks about age, her sense of harmony, her daughters and hobbies, her upcoming concert in November and much more.

The magazine’s experts also familiarize readers with the latest cosmetics: they determined which of the many anti-aging products and procedures that appear on the market every year are really worth using, and which innovations in the field await us. In the Cooking section, find five tasty ideas for dishes that use regular oatmeal and interesting recipes for meals using affordable foods.

Also in the new issue:

Events & people: Premieres, November events calendar and Vladimir Yaglych gives a man’s view of what women should know about men;
Fashion & beauty: outerwear for fall-winter 2014/15, an elegant choice;
Family & relationships: 30 things you need to do while you’re still young;
Home & interior: lessons in floristry – create original floral compositions;
Health & fitness: stay young longer with healthy eating – the right daily routine and good habits can turn back your biological clock;
Recipes & cooking: the 30-minute dinner;
Travel: hit the slopes – a review of European and Russian ski resorts.

The Novembeer issue of Domashny Ochag is advertised in promotional spreads in the magazines Schastlivye Roditeli (Joyful Parents), Psychologies, Moi krokha i ya (My Little One and I) and Gastronom (Deli), on the websites,, and, with television commercials on the channels TLC, Animal Planet, Khukhnia TV (Kitchen TV), Telecafe, Eda (Food), Mat i ditya (Mother and Child) and Nickelodeon, and on the radio station Romantika.

The magazine went on sale October 21.

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