Cosmopolitan Shopping in October

For its main story in October, Cosmopolitan Shopping magazine looks at the 158 best accessories for fall. Also, the magazine invites its readers to create a capsule wardrobe in their own style using red, animal-themed prints and bright fur, and to use real fall tones in a manicure. On the cover – actress Anna Khilkevich, who shares how she manages to do it all and still be a mom.

Read in the new issue:
Hot Threesome: bold trends to take note of this season;
Using pastel shades to brighten even the gloomiest fall season;
Fall Phenomenon: the it-bag this season;
A fashionable response from singer and actress Yulia Parshuta;
The rules of style according to TV host, top stylist and image-maker to the stars Vladimir Makarov;
Girl of the Month: Dakota Johnson on why even celebrity children face difficulties;
Expanding the Boundaries: bold, unusual and comfortable looks for visits to the country;
10 purchases for your fall wardrobe;
Right in Style: trendy looks for all occasions;
Real beauty problems and their solutions;
Anastasia Kirillova, visagist for Giorgio Armani Beauty in Russia, explains how to use colored mascara in your daily life;
Young Guard: everything about what cosmetics are made from and how they work.

The issue went on sale September 20.

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