Cosmopolitan Shopping on New Year's Style

Cosmopolitan Shopping Editor-in-Chief Tatiana Maximova delivered a lecture on New Year’s style at the VDNKh Lektoriy movie theater and lecture hall. The event was part of the winter education program held inside the Laborer and Collective Farm Worker Pavilion on the exhibition grounds in Moscow.

Ms. Maximova gave a talk on New Year’s style and this season’s trends that inspire women to create the perfect look for the most long-awaited and magical holiday of the year. She also shared several useful life hacks such as how to buy items needed in spring and summer while they are on sale in winter.

The “Knowledge – VDNKh” educational program provides free lectures by culture experts, historians, writers, art historians, economists, and artists, and also offers workshops, concerts, creative gatherings, and film screenings.

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