Robb Report Salon at Omega Boutique

Robb Report Russia magazine and the Swiss watch brand Omega held a private, 1950s-style evening of cocktails on March 29 in the Omega boutique in Moscow’s central G.U.M. department store. Omega clients and Robb Report subscribers attended the event.

Robb Report Russia Editor-in-Chief Yury Khnychkin presented the Omega Trilogy collectors’ set to guests. The set was issued in honor of the 60th anniversary of the company’s iconic 1957 watch. Collector Boris Dansk also spoke about the finer points of collecting.

The evening continued with Robb Report presenting its Best of the Best statuette to Omega representative Alexander Lutz for the Omega Trilogy series. The program ended with jazz performances by Daniil Kramer and Igor Fedorov.
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