Cosmopolitan Shopping in Spring: A New Life

This issues looks at the new sexuality and how modern women express it in clothes – as explained by the women on our covers: TV host Aiza-Liluna Ai; journalist and blogger Maria Arzamasova; sex coach Ekaterina Bibesheva and stylist Elvira Yankovskaya.  

Also in this issue:

  • Stylist and TV host Lina Dembikova shares the basics of a fashion industry education. 
  • Oh, baby! A look at fashion for pregnant women using the example of Rihanna’s bold images. 
  • Trends of spring and summer 2022. 
  • An aid for collecting capsule wardrobes and tips for choosing accessories.
  • The latest make-up, a patch review, ampoule care foundation and new fragrances. 

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